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     SunsetWow, well it’s the middle of June, how has that happened? I don’t know about you, but time seems to be flying by. We are blessed with extra long days now at Soapy HQ and I am writing this at 11pm and it is still so light outside…..I took this slightly dodgy selfie the other night (it’s even lighter now) but that is the sunset and the sunrise happening pretty much at the same time!



     So, in the last update I said there would be puffins and a visit to an awesome small business in Unst. Well, I haven’t managed to see any puffns yet, but not to worry, there’s still time! I do say that every year and every year around about the 12th August I think, oh no I’ve missed them…..again but I’m determined to see them this year! I did, however, manage to visit an awesome small business in Unst!

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    I went to visit Cheryl Jamieson of Glansin Glass at her amazing new studio in Uyeasound in Unst, just before her grand opening on 29th May. Cheryl makes the most beautiful glass items, hangers, dishes, plates and jewellery. It’s been a long haul to get to this stage but she has navigated all the hurdles that have been put in her way with the pandemic and has opened her fantastic new workspace and studio.


    Cheryl offers glass making classes as well as having a beautifully arranged shop. She has also just launched her new website and you can find details of how to visit her studio, book classes and visit her online shop too. If you ever have the opportunity to visit Unst I would really recommend you go, if for nothing else the view from her workshop is stunning. One of her new collections is inspired by the stunning Easting Beach, just a few miles from the Glansin Glass Visitor Centre another must see place on a trip to Unst.

    For more details on how to book a glass making class or to see some of Cheryl's stunning work visit her website


    I have managed to paint the outside of Soapy HQ, I didn’t realise how shabby the place was looking until I painted it! The next stage is to paint the doors and windows…….then I want to work on replacing the roof! That’s a long term project! There is so much history in this building…..I’ll save that for another blog post! Anyway, now I am working from home more I am able to offer click and collect on web orders, so if you are visiting Unst or live locally be sure to select click and collect at checkout.


     Don't forget it's Father's Day this Sunday and there are lots of gift   ideas from Mella, including this little soaps and shower scrub   bundle. If you would like me to include a note just put what you'd   like to say in the customer notes when you check out. There's a   peerie discount code in your Mella email be sure to use it before   midnight on Wednesday 16th June. If you would like discounts and   offers please sign up to the Mella Newsletter.

     So, next month I am hoping to have a puffin update and I will be   taking a mini tour of some of the amazing stockists of my products   and maybe some of them will be near you and we’ll see what else I   can think of!

     Okay, that's it for this month, thank you for reading and 'see' you in July!

    Mel x


  2. Hello......I'm back......

    Yeah, I sort of disappeared off the email radar for a while there…..sorry about that! Like most folk I was trying to be upbeat and positive but the last few months have been tough. The second lockdown really took its toll and I didn’t seem to have much news to tell. To be fair I haven’t got a lot to say now but I have been busy here at Soapy HQ and I‘m working on lots of new things.

    Soapy HQ News

    I guess the biggest news for me was in March I got a new job! I now work part-time for, for those of you who don’t know it’s like an island Etsy. It’s an online shop for Scottish island businesses. I’m doing the social media marketing and vendor support and I am absolutely loving it! Such a brilliant project and I’m getting to ‘meet’ lots of really amazing creative people from all over the islands. I’m not very familiar with the Inner and Outer Hebrides so I’m looking forward to when I can go on a trip! Check it out, there's a lot on there, it's a social enterprise too so all profits are put back into Isle20 to help promote island businesses, creatives, makers and designers. I bought myself a bottle of Tyree Gin with my first pay packet and I can highly recommend it! (that's not what's in the mug by the way!)


    I have some new products in the pipeline and a few new stockists on board. Now that things are beginning to open up it has been great getting some wholesale orders on the go again. I’m working on the website so check over the next few days for details of where you can find Mella soaps and candles near you if you are keen to support the amazing little shops I supply! 

    Mental Health Awareness Week


    This week has been Mental Health Awareness Week, personally I    think every week should be. The pandemic has highlighted the        need for more mental health awareness and there is now a much brighter spotlight on these issues, which is great however, more and more people have found themselves struggling. I don't know about  you but I have had some really tough days, especially during the last lockdown.


    I've been so lucky to have friends and family near and to be in Unst too. What a place to be!

    2025D334-717A-4E66-8732-290DDD72CDE2I really am so lucky. I hope that by sharing some of the images of Unst on Instagram and Facebook it has helped some of you to escape from the covid world, even just for a moment.

    It's the little things that help balance your mood

    I got a lovely email from a customer in Northern Ireland who told me that using my soaps felt therapeutic and had been a joy to use during the pandemic, with all the extra hand-washing. They had felt so nice and had been so gentle on her skin. It is such a lovely thing to hear and cheered me up so much. It really is the little things that can be a mood booster......some kind words, a nice soap, a lovely candle or a nourishing hand salve, it can make all the difference, it can be a gift to yourself or for someone else.

    If you have ordered before you know that you get a postcard with a 10% off on your next order, why not pass that on to a friend for them to try a Mella Soap? It doesn't have to be you who uses it! 


    So, thank you for reading and signing up to the Mella newsletter. The plan is to write the journal every month and to have a quick update every two weeks on a Friday showcasing a product, having special offers for subscribers and letting you all know what’s happening in the far north.

    So, as a MASSIVE THANK YOU signing up and if you have been here a while wondering if you'd ever get a Soapy HQ newsletter, let's face it if you signed up ages ago not a lot has been going on to keep you here! There was a discount code in the email, just for subscribers (yes, you're special). If you're a bit late to the party and only just reading this now, no worries here's a tiny peerie discount code for a £1 off your next order! Use Code: POUNDOFF at the checkout.


    Both codes are only available until midnight on Thursday 20th May 2021, so you'd better get in there quick!

    In June's Mella Journal there will be PUFFINS, a visit to another awesome small business in Unst plus lots more…….take care out there and WASH YOUR HANDS!


    Mel x