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Mella Journal October 2020

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October – 2020

Hello and welcome to the first Mella Journal. It might seem like a strange time to start a blog at the end of the year but it seemed to make sense to me. It’s my birthday at the end of this month so the end of October always feels like a new start….again!

I have been thinking about writing something for so long but found actually putting pen to paper or sitting in front on my laptop not easy at all, and I don’t know about you but I’ve found it more difficult focusing on things these days?  I have been a bit of a journal writer most my life. The thing is my daily musings and doodles aren’t really interesting enough to share with the wider world and I didn’t think that there would be enough to write about living here but actually Unst is a busy place, even during a global pandemic I managed to keep writing…..notes about self-isolation, Saturday night online indie discos, sourdough bread making fiascos, Normal People, the lambing at Lowrie’s, visiting cranes, interviews with national newspapers….it was all happening in Unst during lockdown!

Things don’t look like they are going to change all that much for the next while, the only difference is that we have more knowledge of what we are facing, not that that makes it much less scary or daunting but there isn’t the fear of the complete unknown, which helps a tiny bit. In theory with no craft fairs this winter I should have plenty of time to write a monthly journal!

As well as being just the most horrible year and nothing going as planned, I do feel that I have learned a lot. I have appreciated more than ever this place. I have appreciated the friends I have, the wide open spaces, Norwick beach on the doorstep (to be fair I have never taken that place for granted, I feel lucky every time I stand on top of the ayre and look out towards the Berger (cheesy, I know) and the community which I live in and hopefully in this blog or journal I can share with you something of what it’s like to live and work here plus all the other things I love to see and do. And I now know that I can stay here for longer than six weeks without having to organise an off-island escape.


So, the plan for my peerie journal is to tell you something about this place that I call home, but also share some experiences, places that you can visit, recipes, my travels (if we ever get to travel again)….oh yeah and the soapy life. Let’s not forget about the soapy life…..I won’t bore you too much with the soap chat but I do love speaking about soap. Friends and family will testify to that!

So welcome to the Mella Journal.

…..and don’t forget to keep washing your hands to keep that nasty Coronavirus out of the picture.

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  1. Margaret Cromie

    Thank you for all your beautiful soaps and candles .... two things I cannot resist for treating others and myself . Look forward to reading more information about Shetland.

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  2. Maggi Reyner

    Love washing my hands with your lovely soap. ??

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  3. Sandra Greig

    Looking forward tae reading more of the Mella Handmade Soap journal x

    Posted on

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